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    Datasheet Collections
    Datasheet Archive
    All Datasheets
    Datasheet Catalog
    Tube Datasheets - drtube
    Tube Data Sheet Locator (software) - duncanamps
    ... and many more in this thread - Datasheet Websites

    Semiconductor Manufacturers
    Analog Devices
    Fujitsu Microelectronics
    International Rectifier
    Intersil Corporation
    Linear Technology
    Maxim Integrated Products, Dallas Semiconductor
    National Semiconductor
    NTE Inc.
    NXP Semiconductors
    Sharp Microelectronics
    Texas Instruments

    Passive Component Manufacturers
    ROHM Electronics
    Sprague-Goodman Electronics

    Electronic Component Suppliers
    Mouser Electronics

    Component Identification
    IC Prefixes - Chip Directory
    LED Information and Technical Data - TheLEDLight
    Marking Codes and Component Identification - Educypedia
    SMT/SMD Marking Codes -

    Circuit Simulation/Analysis
    SPICE Files and Tutorials - eCircuit Center
    LTspice/SwitcherCAD (software) - Linear Technology
    EIS Spectrum Analyser (impedance analyzer software) - A. Bondarenko, G. Ragoisha, Belarusian State University
    Circuit Simulator Applet (java) - falstad
    Current Limiting Resistor Calculator for LEDS (java) - ledcalc

    Educational/Training/Learning (ebooks, manuals, videos, etc.)
    Socratic Electronics Project - T. Kuphaldt, ibiblio
    OCW Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - MIT
    A Review of Electronics - E. Tuttle, University of Denver
    Electronics & Programming eBooks - e-dsp
    RF Engineering and Fundamentals eBooks - RF Zone
    Electronics Articles - electronic portal, kazus
    Army & Navy Electronics Manuals - Integrated Publishing
    Navy Electricity and Electronics Training - Davidson College
    MOS Op Amp Design: A Tutorial Overview - P. Gray, R. Meyer, SMU
    Op Amps for Everyone, Design Guide - Texas Instruments
    Circuit Board Repair and Rework Guide - Circuit Technology Center
    Physics (for electromagnetics) - B. Crowell, lightandmatter
    Electricity and Magnetism - HyperPhysics, Georgia State University
    History of the Integrated Circuit - icknowledge

    Microcontroller Programming eBooks - mikroElektronika
    Microcontrollers and Programming - electroSofts
    Microcontrollers - myTutorialCafe
    How to Design Programs - MIT Press

    PLCs, Automated Manufacturing Systems - H. Jack, Grand Valley State
    Design of VLSI Systems - Signal Processing Lab, Swiss Inst of Technology
    FPGA Information - J. Nicolle, fpga4fun
    VHDL Tutorial - W. Zhang, University of California

    Oscilloscope Training Class - w2aew

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    This is the new (Ver. 2) Useful Website for Electronics thread. The old (Discontinued) thread can be found here.

    All suggestions for websites should be made in this thread. The OP will act as a categorised listing of all websites.

    Thanks to web for taking the time to compile this listing.

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    Nicely composed, Web! Good job!
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    An interesting link site is from educypedia, a belgian site.
    Most links are english but some are dutch, german or french (mentioned after the link).
    Here is the link for the electronics page :
    EDUCYPEDIA - electronics
    Here is the link for the computer page :
    EDUCYPEDIA - computer
    And here is the link for the science page :
    EDUCYPEDIA - science

    I have found a website with all kinds of applets to explain circuits.
    The same site has also all kinds of math physics and engeneering applets.

    I am missing one too.

    This one comes from.

    An other interesting linksite is.

    During a search on the internet I saw this paoge from MAXIM-IC.
    It has a lot of "tested" sample schematics for a variaty of DC-DC converters.
    All designs are also available in one PDF:

    I explored the MAXIM site a little bit further and found a large list of Design Information

    For people who are interested in old radios and repairing them, take a look at this site.

    Here a lot of information on the radios and tubes can be found.

    A handy site for all kinds off connections is The Hardware Book.
    It has information about connectors, cables, adapters, computers and manufacturers.

    I have found a website where a lot of (old) manuals can be found.
    It happens pretty ofthen that the site is not available.
    Bama has a "mirror" (a copy of the complete manuals list) here:
    The brands are on the left of the page.

    I found a website with a lot of "old technical books online"

    Here I found an other old books "library":

    I have found some RF related websites.
    And one with a lot of free e-books.

    I noticed some links are not available anymore.
    You can go "back in time" with the waybackmachine.
    Copy the not working link in the search engine and press "Take Me Back".
    This will produce a page with dates where the page was still available

    Microchip has in cooperation with transim introduced a circuit design & simulation program called "Mindi".

    I found some websites with repair notes and tips.
    For TV and Monitors:
    For SMPS:

    Here is a link to Martindale's Calculators On-Line.

    There you will find calculators for ALL kind of calculations.

    An other source for calculators is this page :

    With calculators for more topics:

    Online calculators: Antenna design software Components Audio Digital General RF Calculators Circuit theory Filters Resistor code Transmission line

    Here I found a website with SMD codes and MOSFET crossreference list.

    Here I found Duncan's Amp Page:

    There you also can find a lot of spice models:

    Here I found a website with a lot of video lectures:
    This is one of the catagories of the learnerstv website:

    I got one from wr8y:

    And one on calculus:

    And here is another free video lectures page:

    There will be an overlap with the videos from learnerstv.

    Do you know the free book centre?

    The electronics books are a little down,
    But also programming and computer are there.

    I noticed a lot of manufacturers also have a lot of information to dive in.
    Here are a couple of examples:
    Analog Devices:

    National also has a nice part search tool:

    Here I found a website with a lot of information on capacitors:

    Here is a translated by google page for info on TUN and TUP.

    There is also a page like that on DUS and DUG.

    Here I found a website with a lot of links for audio calculations:

    Here I found a nice link page from the university of Exeter with a lot of tutorials:

    Here I found a website with a lot of "vintage" schematics for radios and phonographs:

    Here I found a site with a lot of links to very old (vintage) circuits:

    There are also pages with data and suppliers on the top.

    Here I founs a page from QRP Homebuilder with some handy circuits for semiconductor matching:

    For the matching circuits see the sections 3 4 and 5.

    For special parts you could take a look at this webshop:

    Here are some usefull calculators, mainly for RF.
    You can calculate attenuators, straightline inductors, capacitors with them:

    There are also some technical articles on the same site:

    Here I found a website with a lot of info on SMD codes:

    Here is a link to The HOMBREWER'S HOBBY PAGE:

    Here are some sites with cross reference information for semiconductors:

    It can happen that some of the links where posted by me or others before.

    The website of has a lot of old datasheet books and application books available.
    Just have a look in the list of about 500 books:

    I have been looking on the site some more and found some old electronics magazine there:

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    Tina-TI is freeware. It's available from Texas Instruments' website.
    Under "Design Support", click the "Analog eLab Design Center" link (2nd from last)
    TINA-TI is the first item in the "Simulate" column (4th)
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    0 has always been a favorite of mine, I didn't see it listed here. A lot of links and other useful info.
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    Did I miss seeing (Sencore equipment),do we add names for future
    consideration.Thanks, ALL GOOD Loosewire
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    You may like to take a look at Radio-Electronics.Com -
    It gives a variety of reference and tutorial information.
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    As a "self-advertisement", I'd like to offer my "baby", NL5 Circuit Simulator( Just released for public. Free with some limitations, however might be enough for many tasks. My colleagues already switched from Tina and LTSpice.

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    i found a cool website...
    u can use this website to search for engineering projects on the internet
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