USB to USB Copier using ARM Processor

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I want to make a device that can copy data from one USB flash drive to another. My initial idea was to do this using PIC MCU. However, speed is an important criteria and using PIC I am unable to attain sufficiently high data rates.

Can anyone suggest good reference for doing the same using ARM Processors? I am completely new to ARM, so any circuits would be extremely helpful. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.


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I am in the process of learning to design and program ARM processors. I am using the AT91SAM7S-H256 from I am using the ARM-USB-OCD jtag probe also from to program the ARM. I am using ECLIPSE, YAGARTO, and OPENOCD (ALL FREE) as the toolchain for programming the ARM module through its jtag port.

Be forewarned, programming ARM processors can be quite a challenge. A lot of the stuff that you are use to taking for granted in the simpler 8-bit PICs and AVRs have to be dealt with by the programmer.

These thiings are lightning fast.

Bring patience,
For speedy data transfers, you can't go wrong with PLDs :)

They'll knock the socks off of any processor.

Heck, you can even download transceiver cores and just wire them up!

Check out a Spartan 3.