usb thumb driv auto sync

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i want some sort of program that will automaticly sync a designated folder in both directions to a thumbdrive when it is pluged it. i downloaderd sync toy (freeware from microsoft). this does everything except for the automatic part. it alo has a command prompt that is suposted to alow you to schedule it. however whin i tyed running it from scheduled tasks it opens a comand line then closes doing nothing. i have the sync partnerships setup in the GUI sync toy. thought maybe i had to do this in command prompt also but i can't because soon as it is opened it closes. any sugaetions to make this work? or are there any free programs that due this automaticly? i looked around saw nothing but like this so i went with trying sync toy. the sceduled task wizard is going to run sync toy when it sees the event of a thyumb drive driver loading.