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    Apr 23, 2009
    Hi all, was hoping to get some help with a college project im working on.

    Im building a USB motor controller. What i basically want is a controller that can move a motor in both directions and firmware/software for the PC which controllers the motor movement.

    I plan to use a h-bridge for driving the motor and a PIC for control. (The motor speed will be controlled using PWM)

    Basic Layout:

    I have almost everything sussed out eccept im not sure how i can send data to the PIC using USB, All i want to do is set pins to 1 or 0, I know how this can be done programming in Assembly or C, but i need help on how i can send data from USB to do this?

    If and one has any knowlege on how i can do this or if anyone knows any useful online resources it would be much appreciated.

    btw: the pic i plan on using is 18F2550 as this supports USB and has support of PWM within the chip.

    Thanks MatBou.
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