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    May 26, 2014
    So, I cant find anywhere on the web how to RESET a logic circuit, any kind of circuit at all. I want to understand, HOW does a relay or capacito RESTARTS a circuit after a positive response from a logic gate? So I have an electronic door and once i put the code, it OPENS, then it closes (RESET) back again, it CANT BE OPEN FOREVER, just right after I put the correct combination. how does it does that with a relay or capacitor or anything else?

    any kind of help, even small explanations will be very appreciated, thanks
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    I am assuming you are new to digital logic. Look up the truth table for a set reset flip flop, the most basic reset there is.

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    Like giving explicit degrees of urgency maybe?:p
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    Here I am just guessing. But the design element you are looking for may be what is named one shot or monostable multivibrator https://www.google.com/search?q=one+shot+monostable+multivibrator With this design element you should be able to hold the door open for x numbers of seconds. Then reset your logic back to the closed door state