urgent need help building circuit

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guys i know very little about electronics.but,
I have a 6volt toy motor made by solorbots (gm7).
I need a circuit to drive this motor in forward
for about 2 seconds,the stop(or turn off)for about
4seconds,then drive in reverse for about 2 seconds,
then stop(or turn off)for about 4 seconds.an
keep repeating cycle.A forward an reversing motion
with time delays.i will pay for your time an supplies. ASAP CONTACT INFO 504-343-2408 GERALL
thank you


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what kind of motor ??
i guess it shud be dc but still ....

guys , what abt using the following ckt ?
lets say a 3 bit counter
2 sec clock

state 000 : switch H bridge transistors ( say fwd , the 2 of them )
state 001 : stop
state 010 : stop
state 011 : switch H bridge transistors ( the other 2 )
state 100 : stop
state 101 : stop

reset counter and do again

usually arnd here "toy" motors are dc :)

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I'm sorry yes dc. but i don't understand the electronic terms could you build it
for me ill pay. or explain it to me.Im a bartender.


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oye, i don't work for money, i can get u a ckt diagram once u get me specs like the current rating and all. Its always nice that u do it urselves.

An explanation follows ...

U said that the motor was dc, well here is a simple example of how dc motors work, usually small toy motors have permanent magnet stators ( which is the well stationary part of it ) and a coil as the rotor (the part that turns ) . Depending on the direction of current in the coil u can turn the motor one way or the other. U wanted to turn the motor in the forward direction and then in the reverse direction, so u need some kind of a switching mechanism to do that.

|*********** |
|*********** |
/ a ******* / b
|*********** |
--------( )--------
| ***********|
| ***********|
/ b*********/ a

a set of 2 switches are switched together, to make way for the current
so both a switches together, cause the thing to move in one direction and both b switches in another direction.

in ur case, we need to make sure that one set stays on for 2 secs, then both sets turn off , then the next set for 2 secs etc, so this happens in sequence, in fact we can say something like this,
in the first 2 seconds something happens, next 4 secs something else happens like that so we need to count the time
some pseudocode

while true // always happens until u pull the plug :p
if time = 0 sec do this
if time = 2 sec do this
if time = 6 sec do this

like that

hmm guess this is a lengthy post
do one thing tell me if u like the explanation if so i will continue,
also tell me if u really want to do this urself, or just want a solution.