Urgent help with orcad plz

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ok so me and a group member decided to work together on our project, now we need to put this project on PCB, i am using Orcad but i have a problem, in Orcad capture i searched for the STV8163 Voltage regulater and the library files did not contain such a part, i tried searching for a straight line 11 pin that would represent the STV8163 Voltage regulater but gues what orcad dont have an 11 pin straight line IC, so now i am stuck, is there a way of creating a 11 pin straight line IC please need urgent help , cant continue until i figured this part out bcz our whole circuit is designed around that voltage regulater THANX
Yes, press F1 for details. You need to know how to create your own schematic symbols and PCB footprints, it's part of the process.