Urgent help ... In PIC Programming

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Hello guys! I have attached a C program for this thread and I need someone to help me to troubleshoot the error. Initially the C program is used to download the PIC16F84A. Because PIC16F877A has more pins compared to PIC16F84A, so I have decided to download the PIC16F877A with the C program. Unfortunately, there are some errors like port pins only for porta and portb can be used (in fact I want to use other port pins also - portc, portd and porte). And, the clock frequency for the C program is 20MHz. The clock frequency can be used for both PIC but when I change to 4MHz it only can be used for PIC16F84A but not for another one. I have decided to use 4MHz so that the PIC can interface with other parts of my group project.

I want to highlight what I have decided to do:
I use BoostC (using SourceBoost software) to create a C program for PIC16F877A. The output of the program will be displayed out by LCD (16columns x 2lines).

Need urgent help. Thanks!:)