upload arduino software sketches using usbasp

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    Dec 24, 2012

    I am a newbie in avr series microcontrollers. I am learning how to write code & burn microcontroller via avrstudio & usbasp serial programmer. I want to learn the arduino language to upload my own sketches to atmega8 & use it in specific boards for embedded projects. I have the arduino software & a usbasp serial burner(6pins)

    is there any way to upload arduino sketches directly to the atmega8 via the usbasp? or is there any way to get the arduino software generated hex file, so that I can burn it via extremeburner & usbasp?

    I have already viewed these pages but they either use an arduino board or a boot-loader preloaded atmega chip. so they are of no help to me.


    I have a fresh atmega8 chip (I can get an atmega328 if needed), usbasp, arduino software1.0.3 & a will to learn the arduino language.

    Kindly show me a way...
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    Why the "arduino" language?
    Why not C/C++/assembly language that your compiler easily accepts.

    Learning the arduino language is just fine if you are using "arduino" boards and their IDE/bootloader but after that just learn a "proper" langauge and be better prepared for other platforms,etc...
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