Update: Problems with the Projects Forum

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This is a quick update on what is happening with the missing threads and post from Projects Forum, which occurred on February 28th. Please reference this thread for more information

It appears as though there was a glitch with the forum software (the software is sadly quite outdated), which strangely purged only the contents of the Projects Forum. As to why this occured is not completely clear. The site admin are working through the back-up databases of the Projects Forum with the aim of restoring the content to the boards - at this stage it is not clear whether this will work, but it is ongoing. Longer term, the admin aim to upgrade the forum software to vBulletin.

Rob (the site admin) will e-mail me a more detailed breakdown of the situation later this week. If any forum member has a question, please post it here and I will try and help or relay the information to Rob. Any further information I receive will be posted here.

Apologies to all members for this ongoing problem.