Unlatch single coil 5v Relay and control it with Arduino

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    Mar 25, 2014
    I'm trying to turn on my radio by sending a pulse from my arduino to a latching relay. The radio is powered by a 9volt battery. So basically I want the arduino to send a pulse to the relay which will make the relay latch and thus turn the 9volt battery on.

    The Relay I am using is the Omron G6EU-134p. It is a 5v single coil latching relay. At the moment there is a connection between pins 7 and 12 but I do not know how to make this unlatch and therefore make a connection between pins 7 and 10?

    I don't know how to unlatch the relay and I'm unsure as to how I should build this circuit? ie should pin 12 of the relay go to the 9v radio battery & pin 10 to gnd? Please see attatched pin layout of the relay.

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    Nov 7, 2013
    Reverse polarity for latch/unlatch. (set/reset)

    What made you choose this relay?

    Dual coil set/reset seems a better choice.
    Or even a standard relay.
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    You cannot power a relay straight from the arduino either.. The pins cannot provide enough current. You need to construct a relay driver with a transistor or mosfet or optocoupler.
    Personally I would just use a regular relay and not a latching one too.

    And all you would need to do is cut the red wire from the battery to the radio.. Then attach the one cut end to pin 7 and the other cut end to pin 12.. thus breaking the power circuit with the relays contacts.