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I am trying to identify an electronic component, but I'm not having any luck. The component is a small 3-lead IC looking device. I know its properties are altered by magnetic fields as it is part of a electric scooter throttle and the internals are just this IC and a magnet. As the throttle is rotated the magnet is passed over the IC. The leads from this IC connect to a control module.

The only identifying marks I can find on this are:


Any idea what this part is? I'm trying to find a spec sheet on it and/or find where I can find a new one.



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Think it's gotta be a Hall effect sensor. The numbers don't suggest anything, but try a search for Hall effect sensors with a linear output, and maybe you'll get lucky.


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hi dlchild,

base on the info you gave that unknown device is probably a magnetoresistive device. it is use to accurately measure linear position or high currents. it is usually used with two magnets to form a wheatstone bridge to provide an output voltage proportional to the magnetic field.

a semicon manufacturer i know that make such device is ZETEX

www.zetex.com key in ZMX40M

is there no logo on the chip?

hope this helps.


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Thanks for the link Mica.

I would recommend that you examine the dates on the threads to which you reply since many threads are very old and the member that originated this thread posted twice and then disappeared from the forum.