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Hi All,

I'm trying to find datasheets for two omron relais that i found.

they are from omron and the following text can be found on them:

G2v-2 dc 5v with 085d9

LC1N with 30899

What i need to know is what the coil voltage(only the second one) is and its power consumption
and how much can be switch with it voltage and amps.

I have tried on omrons site but i cannot find the datasheets :(.

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"most" omron relays have the coil voltage printed right on the face of the relay..

Its easy enough to test with a variable power supply start at 5V does it click? move to 12V does it click?, 24V click?
Then you can also just measure the coil resistance and work back

I'd suspect the g2v-2 contacts would be rated only 1 or 2 amps max at 125V
The LC1N "might" be 10 Amp contacts assuming its body/pins are larger than the other one.
Those must be really old though. not to mention relays are cheap..Don't waste your time..just go buy the ones you need.