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What materials do you have for STM32?

This is a pretty good book for someone like me, background in electronics and machine code programming but new to MCUs.

I have several boards Nucelo and STM32F407G-DISC1 and 32F769IDISCOVERY.

I'm an experienced "hacker" spent many hours digging into operating systems and stuff, so I am right at home exploring the STM32 software, how memory is laid out, where the peripherals are and so forth. VisualGDB installs a huge amount of stuff (hundreds of thousands of files, like 4GB worth for a huge range of devices and variants) and the header files are full of revealing details.

I use a very powerful PC that I built about a year ago, has an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and 128GB RAM and two very fast SSD drives each being 2 TBs and I treated myself to this monitor:


I kind of thought a curved wide monitor like that was a little pretentious, fad, not really a huge benefit on a day to day basis but boy was I wrong. Working with a monitor like this has ramped up my productivity, I can see so much at once, far far better that two side by side monitors.

So when I work on MCU projects and stuff the PC is like a Jeep Rubicon, more than I need, never a limiting factor.