Understanding N76E003 startup file by Keil

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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I am working on Nuvoton N76E003 MCU & using Keil C51 for this. Keil added a startup file. I have below problem in understanding it:
1. Attached find the keil startup file.

2. The datasheet of N76 says it has 256 bytes of Idata RAM. & 756 bytes of Xdata.
But startup files on line 25 says:
IDATALEN EQU 80H ; the length of IDATA memory in bytes.

Is it an error?

3. But line 45 says
IBPSTACKTOP EQU 0FFH+1 ; set top of stack to highest location+1.

where stack is defined at top of RAM i.e 256 bytes.
Or this startup uses 128 bytes as RAM & fix rest of remaining top 128 bytes as stack space?