Uncertainty Principle problem

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    Sep 25, 2007
    It is a homework question and I solved it in the following way:
    To Prove that (∆θ)(∆L)~(ћ/2) ;For what uncertainty of L will the angular position of the particle would be indeterminate?

    I considered a particle of mass m moving in a circle of constant radius r at speed v.Then,classically,L=mvr.

    Clearly,from uncertainty principle, ∆s ∆p~(ћ/2)
    => (∆s/r)[(∆p)r]~(ћ/2)
    => (∆θ)(∆L)~(ћ/2)
    What I am worried if this particular case of a circle will do;and the second question.I think it is ∆L=0 which makes ∆θ indeterminate...But I am not sure...

    Please check if this is correct and rectify if I am wrong