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    Mar 7, 2012

    I am attempting to create an ultrasonic fluid vibrator using an ultrasonic transducer. I have viewed many products used for ranging, however these are insufficient for vibrating liquids in the volume I require. Can anyone point me in the proper direction. Ideally, the transducer would be low cost (and everything else) since I am testing out an idea.

    Thank you for any assistance.
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    Apr 24, 2011
    For a start look into those "fogger" devices. I see some like this at Chinese take-out places on their counter. They use a little ultrasonic transducer to literally blast water into vapor. I've seen some at garden centers for fish pond use, but those are larger and more expensive. You may be able to "chirp" them to get some signal going.

    Don't put your finger on top of one. They HURT.

    True story: one morning my (previous) boss had one running and told me to put my finger on it, so I did. Immense pain resulted. I yelped and pulled my finger out.

    "Hurts, doesn't it?" he said. I glared and contemplated a lawsuit.

    Now we were interested in ultrasonics there as that was something we did: ping a chamber or a tube to see how it responds. The same crystal could and sometimes would both transmit and receive. We used material that worked at 1 and another at 3 MHz; you bang them with a few pulses at that frequency and then look for another pulse. Drive was just 0-5V out of logic gates. The receiver needed a 60dB amp.

    Some places sell sheets of the material for that use, but I don't know any offhand.

    Sorry for the delay, I just saw this. I don't normally check this forum.