Ultrasonic tank level monitoring with GSM interface

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Hi all,
as in the title I would like to build ultrasonic tank level monitoring system with capability to report over GSM, beacuse of industrial environment. I have few tanks 6 and 15m tall. Tanks contain different liquid (oil, wastewater, base).

Initial idea was to use something like SonicSignalman unfortunately this solution have a lot of cons:
- 3m range - not enough for me and I cannot find similar product with bigger range
- to use it I have to register into provider infrastructure (server account) and depend on provider fees
- I'm in Poland, so to provider fees I have to add roaming

Because of that my idea is to build this kind of product myself :).
What I need is ultrasonic sensor connected to my server through 3G modem.

Brief list of components for my prototype is:
  1. Sensor - I think about cheap Chinese sensor with RS485 interface like CX-ULM-FS. Simpler/cheaper is better. It would be great to have sensor with Ex certificate. I found really hard to find prices and information for this hardware (most companies need contact with marketer and do not provide a lot of technical details about product). Any other suggestions for this kind of sensor ?
  2. Single board computer - I assume that sensor with integrated GSM is hard to find (if impossible), thats whhy I need SBC as interface to outside world. Initially I choose Raspberry Pi. I'm a linux geek so I think that I can configure RPi as a interface between RS485/RS232 or other to GSM and configure the server in the network.
  3. 3G modem - RPi wiki shows that Huwei modems works pretty well
  4. other periferials - SD card, SIM card, wires, power supply, case, anything missing ?

I know basic electronics but I'm more firmware/os developer then electronic designer, so I would like to avoid PCB design and building system from scratch.

What is you opinion abut this system ?
Do you see cheaper/simpler approach to solve my problem ? Am I missing some options ?

P.S. This was my first post on this forum, so sorry for any confusion introduced.

In advance thanks for any opinions, answers, comments and critique.


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On the surface your proposal looks very sound. Situations like this run smoother using pretested modules you plug together and just write the code.

I've never done GSM but I've seen a few. Mikroelectronica has one, and they wrote excellent manuals for the devices I did use of theirs.

DO email the manufacturer of the ultrasonic tank level monitor, answer all their questions and follow their direction. I used to make these things and they can be tricky: some want to shoot down thru air, some want to shoot up thru the liquid, and they cannot be interchanged. And all have a near dead zone, a minimum distance they cannot read.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!