Ultrasonic Sonar Project

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    Jul 14, 2013
    Hi, this is my first post and I am hoping to get some helpful advice regarding a project I have been working on.

    I have been experimenting with ultrasonic audio (20-40 kHz) using a USB soundcard with a 192kHz sampling rate connected to my laptop. However, I really want to replace the soundcard and laptop with a microcontroller and some analog to digital converters.

    What I want to do is record approximately 1 second of stereo audio with a sampling rate somewhere around 192kHz. Immediately after this recording is finished I want to play back the stereo audio signal through headphones at approximately 1/10th of the original speed. This means the 1 second recording would take 10 seconds to play back.

    What kind of hardware would I need to do this?

    I am just starting out with embedded electronics and I have a Cerebot MX7 cK PIC32 development board with 128k RAM from a class I took last year. What I am planning to do is buy a pair of A/D converters and a pair of D/A converters to use with this board. Also, I may need to expand the memory some way to store the audio.

    What I don't know is
    1. Can the board I currently have do what I want it to? By this I mean with external A/Ds and could I record data fast enough without running out of clock cycles and have enough room to store it?

    2. Will I need external memory to hold the audio, and if so what kind and how much? (It seems like I will, 192samples/sec*2channels*2bytes/sample*1secondRecordTime = 768,000 bytes of data.)

    3. Does anyone have any good suggestions for an A/D or D/A converter? There just seem like so many of them out there to choose from.

    Thank you so much for your help! It is very much appreciated!