ultrasonic reading problem

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  1. walid el masry

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    Mar 31, 2009
    i wanna build a distance measure using ultrasonic and i have the module vm125 by vellemanusa on this link here

    it suppose to measure distance between range: 0.66-8.20ft or 20.12-249.94cm

    the module has an analog output which represent the distance and it has rating of voltage output 0-5v

    am using pic microcontroller and in my case 16f876 but am confused i can't measure the right distance and i guess there is some thing wrong in my calculation

    the adc has a resolution of 10bit and the analog output is 5v so the analog reading will represent the distance using this formula

    distance = adc reading * (5/1024) but when i tested it gives me wrong result can any one help me here plz

    i include her the code and photos of the circuit

    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    2. void initialize(){
    3.  PORTA=0x00;
    4.  TRISA=0x01;
    5.  ADCON1=0b10001110;
    6.  ADCON0=0b10000000;
    7.  ADCON0.f0=1;
    9.  Lcd_Init(&PORTB);
    10.  Lcd_Cmd(Lcd_CLEAR);
    11.  Lcd_Cmd(Lcd_CURSOR_OFF);
    12. }
    14. void ad_read(){
    15.  ADCON0.f2=1;
    16.  while(ADCON0.f2==1){}
    17.    ad_res=0;
    18.    ad_res=ADRESH;
    19.    ad_res=ad_res<<8;
    20.   ad_res=ad_res+ADRESL;
    21.   distance=ad_res*(5/1024);
    22.   Lcd_Cmd(Lcd_Clear);
    23.   FloatToStr(distance, ad_res_txt);
    24.   Lcd_Out_Cp(ad_res_txt);
    25.   Lcd_Out_Cp("cm");
    26.   Lcd_Cmd(LCD_SECOND_ROW);
    27.   WordToStr(ad_res, ad_res_txt);
    28.   Lcd_Out_Cp(ad_res_txt);
    29.  }


  2. Markd77

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    Sep 7, 2009
    instead of

    I think there is something else wrong because I would expect a value between 0-5 with your current calculation.
    Maybe you have the ADC result in the left shifted instead of right shifted format.
  3. walid el masry

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    Mar 31, 2009
    the adc result is already fight justified since i wrote ADCON1=0b10001110; so the bit7 ADFM is equal 1 which is a right justified

    and when i used you formula the result gives me zero !!!