ultrasonic distance measurement

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hi evrybody...
i m a third year elex engg student...i hv ultrasonic distance measurement as my mini project....i hv completed with the ckt.i hv used 89c52 ucntrlr.
i m having problem with the coding:confused: ...can ne1 help regarding the coding..?
plz rply me as soon as possible...
thank u


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Greeting san1646,

There are a number of members who may be able to assist you with troubleshooting your project.

How about describing your problem in detail. The more of the circuitry and code you can post here in the forum, the more successful we will be in helping you debug your hardware and software.

It will be helpful if you would avoid using text message short-hand since our forum membership is international in scope and even our members that are English speaking are not all fluent in text message short-hand.