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Mahesh Nerlekar

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I strongly feel that your site is too good for a beginner and also for a professional to improve himself by all means.
Your site is such a mind blowing asset that i feel very comfortable to browse with it.

Your hard work ,patience and selfless actions are so splendid that i think i should do Ph.D/Research in English language and then invent some great words to praise the whole team members.

your site has filled in me a lot of happiness and talent which i think will help to
give more better lectures in future.

And lastly i think there is no reason to give any suggestions as the site is as matured as it should be.

Once again I thank to all the authors, team members and helping hands in bringing up this wonder full site.

Mahesh Nerlekar
Electronics/Computer Dept.

India , Hyderabad


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Wow! Those are pretty strong words of endorsement. Wait till you see our new list of project parts being proposed.


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Thank you for your warm words, Mahesh. It feels nice to be praised after putting hard work onto something.

Thanks again.
Definitely agree with Mahesh. I'm in Germany studying Electronics Engineering and have always used this site to study and much to my surprise, my teacher recommended it recently in class ! Keep up the good work guys.


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We aims to please. This is an example of open source, with close supervision. As with something like Linux, many eyes few bugs make.

Over time I am sure there will be improvements. As with all things technological, it will be slow and gradual though.


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If you connect both ends together you get never ending energy.

For more info, please send me a cheque of $10'000 USD and I'll get back to you in a few weeks.