ULN2003A - Where does pin 9 go?

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First off, hello. I have a question that I hope you geniouses can solve really fast!

Im going to replace all the individual transistors in my circuit with a ULN2003A. But the chip confuses me. All the PDF's I found assume you know how to connect it, and just show a simple in/out driver on the schematic.

My question lies with this: What is pin #9 used for? This site says "The common diode connection is the Cathode end of all internal diodes connected together. This is usually connected to your supply voltage. EG: 12 volts." Link: http://www.dontronics.com/hints.html

In my application the load goes through the collector, and then ground is right after the emmiter. The base is switched via a PIC that puts out 5v. As seen here: http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/trancirc.htm

So I got that I connect the input pins (pins 1-7) to the PIC, and then the outputs (pins 10-16) are all connected to their individual loads, and then to +12v. The ground (pin8) is ground. But where does Pin 9 go? Does it go to ground, or the +12v? Are all the transistors using the ground (pin8) as their emmiters, or is pin9 the common emmiter, so in my application that would go to ground?

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The diodes are snubbers. Their purpose is to protect the darlintons from reversed voltage (inductive loads). Connect pin 9 to +12V.