UK supplier for 12v, 5a relay with <200mw coil

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by greg123, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Mar 23, 2008

    I wonder if anyone can advise me of a good UK supplier for componants, I'm working on a 555 based circuit and I need a couple of relays that switch on a 12v supply to coil & 12v load (both 9 - 14.4v car 12v supply) that can run 5a or 10a loads (5a enough, 10a better) and be driven directly by my 555. This means a coil of less than 200mw, I'm guessing <160mw to be on the safe side.

    Oh yes, it has to be SPDT (I guess I could use DPDT and only use one set of contacts) and be smallish for eventual PCB mount after I'm past the breadboard stage.

    I have been a bit of a loss finding lots of RS stuff is 'no longer stocked' and I can't find a suitable relay. Either wrong voltage or coil power to high etc. A little relay like this should be a couple of pounds and easy to come by surely?

    I also can't find a 10% 120uf tantalum capacitor, or a 100uf one, at 16v on RS or Maplin :(


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    Here are two nice options:

    1) Digikey #PB988-ND is 16A with 33 mA coil at 12V - a little over 200 mW, but can be driven by a 555 that can source up to 200 mA. (Did you mean mA, not mW?) It is the Tyco/PotterBrumfield RT series;

    2) Another Tyco/Axicon (Digikey #PB1058-ND) has 5 A contacts and even lower current. Since Tyco/Schrack/PB is worldwide, I suspect a vendor in the UK has them too. They were quite reasonably priced in USD.

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    Thanks guys. As I'm in the UK I can't buy from Radio Shack but I like the idea of using a DPDT doubled up.

    I think I have been getting myself confused, the output from the 555 is 200mA max - so am I correct in saying that @ 12v that means I can go up to a 2400mW coil power? I won't even need to go over 1000mW coil power actually, getting my mW and mA mixed up I was looking for a virtually non-existant relay!

    I will go now and look up those suggestions or see if I can find something similar!

    Thankyou ;-)