UK: Home Bargains LED GU10 bulb.

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    Oct 27, 2012
    A while ago HB had 4W GU10 LED bulbs at £2.99p. These had 4x 1W SMD LEDs. These went out of stock for a week or two, now they have 5W GU10 with 24 SMD LEDs.

    The new type is all glass, so you really do need safety glasses to crack them open!

    The new type has a "wattles dropper" and series chain as opposed to the previous type with 4 LEDs and a SMPSU.

    Stripping the LEDs was easier than expected - I heated the bare side of the puck with a modellers pencil blowtorch, as soon as any fell off I quickly brushed the rest off with my fingertips. They all worked when tested and were fairly bright with only 2mA test current.

    The pins only just stick out at the edges, so soldering isn't that easy, but heat the edge of a thinly tinned track while pressing the LED down with a toothpick and you should be OK.

    Taking a total of 24 LEDs for 5W - I calculate about 200mW per LED, but they're very densely packed with no additional heatsinking - so you can probably get away with driving them harder than that.