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    After reading a few posts on here a while back about Linux/Ubuntu I thought I'd give it a try. So I installed it on my old Dell Dimension 2350 that had XP on it. The main problem I had was the screen would just go black at any random time. After reading their forums I'm thinking maybe that my old computer doesn't have the speed, RAM, etc that is needed.
    So what I was wondering is if I can load Ubuntu and the programs I used on a USB or external drive and be able to run the programs from that?
    I hope that makes sense. Thanks.:)

    Edit: What I meant is use it on a newer computer will it run faster and better?
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    If it boots, it should work.

    When you say the screen goes black, does it go into power saving mode, does the system shut down, reboot, etc?

    Are you running in X Windows, where the mouse is used, or in a console, which is text only? I'm assuming X, and if it is simply going black, it could be an incompatible video card or a screensaver. Try hitting CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a console screen, if that doesn't work, try SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+F2 or some combination of those 3 keys. F1-F12 being "Screens", with F10-F12 being the X Window session(s).
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    I believe your hardware meets the spec.

    Did you get any error messages during installation?
    Does it seem to boot okay?
    Have you tried booting in other modes?
    Does the screen go black at random times, or when you try to do some specific?

    It is possible to run Ubuntu from a USB stick.

    You can try DSL I think its meant to work on sticks.
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