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    I read in quantum mechanics section, near the end:

    The Magnetic Quantum Number (ml) describes which orientation a subshell (electron cloud shape) has. Subshells may assume as many different orientations as the subshell number (l) plus 1, and each unique orientation is called an orbital. These numbers are integers ranging from the negative value of the subshell number (l) through 0 to the positive value of the subshell number.

    Shouldn't it be:
    (...) Subshells may assume as many different orientations as {2 times} the subshell number (l) plus 1 {=2*l+1}, (...)

    E.g. l=1 => ml=-1,0,1 so l=1 has 3 orientations
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    I agree with the proposed corrections to the Review portion of the Quantum Theory section. These changes have been made to bring this part of the text into conformity with the main body of text.

    Changes make at ibiblio.org

    Thanks for point out this error.