TX/RX RAW data using Xbees

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Hello to All

    I have a transmitter/reciever circuit that uses a encoder/decoder IC, which Iam transmitting on the 433.93Mhz range.
    Id like to remove the curent radio system and replace them with the Xbees. I have been advised that this cannot be done as such because the Xbees are microprocessor based and requires such things as start/stop bits and 8 bit data streams, not forgetting the data is sent at a selected baud rate.Is it possible to do something like input the encoder data into a micro, add the start/stop bits, TX this data the RX data, put into micro, then remove start/stop bits and be left with data which goes to the decoder. Otherwise i'll have to find a whole new radio system that accepts RAW data in and out.
    Thanks in advance .