two-way telemetry

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    Oct 22, 2011
    So I'm a bit hazy on the subject, but let me lay everything out first and then we can go form there.

    I've got two devices on a can bus logging data and talking back and forth. I can talk to them both over the CAN bus with a CAN to usb converter provided by the manufacture. For tuning purposes I'd like to take that physical connection out and do it wirelessly, basically a wireless can bridge.

    Since I'm not doing any data modification shouldn't i be able to use a uC that has a Can txvr and output it to a wireless module that will be received by another wireless module that will talk to a uC and have it put back on a can bus where i will plug in my can to usb adapter?

    I haven't had any communications classes yet so its all a bit uncertain and other than knowing what can is and the basics i don't know

    or better yet, since I'm not doing anything with the CAN data, could i grab a txvr that takes a high/low signal like the can uses and just have it bridge that way?
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    Dec 22, 2010
    CAN buses are usually used in vehicles if im not mistaken
    are you using this in a vehicle?
    if so, what kind?
    If it's automotive, we wont be able to talk about it on here
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    Oct 22, 2011
    yaya...everyone so uptight around here...understandably though, don't want anyone to pile into a wall.

    It on a University FSAE car. The ECU in question is a motec M84 thats talking with our aim data logger. Everything on the car is student built and designed so I don't see this being an issue for what I'm assuming the "no automotive" policy is.

    I did a little more research on the subject. here's a datasheet with the motec protocol:

    The only thing I'm questioning now is that the fact that they're what looks like a 64 bit wide address. If i get a 32bit uC I'm not entirely sure how the CAN/SPI will handle that 64 bit value at the address.

    Also I've found what seems to be a pretty decent txvr:

    I'm planning on doing this interrupt driven since the txvr's have a dedicated interrupt line. once the can buffer gets an input packet I'd send it out to the SPI, do a CRC calc and send it out. On the other end I'd wait for a receive on the txvr and then interrupt and drive it through the spi to do the crc in the uC. once everythings kosher i could spit it back out to the can.