Two Channel Audio Mixer

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    Jan 28, 2014
    Hey guys, just looking for a couple fresh pairs of eyes to look over a small project I am currently working on. Feel free to throw in any errors you see, or even any suggestions would be great. Here is a run down of what the circuit (attached) should be. First off this mixer is actually for stage use, it will be mixing a post-amp "house" audio signal of about 10Vp nom (30Vp max) with a pre-amp electronic drum signal of about 2Vp. So I'll discuss the circuit left to right. First the three signals (labeled in the diagram) are fed into a summing amplifier. The house signal being dropped down to a much more manageable 1/10th of its input via the voltage divider. Also included is a DC offset of +5V to compensate for the lack of a negative voltage on the negative rail of the op amp (An LM318 since I know it is difficult to read in the schematic). From there the +5V has a 3.3K resistor to keep the gain at 1 (I know I missed the feedback resistor in the diagram, but it will be a 3.3K. Just keep that in mind as I discuss the rest). Then both the house and drum inputs have 5K potentiometers to allow for both <1, fractional gain as well as >1 gain to increase volume when needed. After the op amp, a high pass filter to decouple the earlier DC offset and another 5K pot for total volume control. After this I was debating on throwing another op amp of -1 gain to re-invert the signal, but I'm not sure if this is necessary as this is simply for audio purposes. This circuit will be powering a simple pair of headphones of impedance 16Ω or 32Ω, so very little power will be drawn. Thanks for taking the time to read everything. I would like to say I have a decent knowledge of electronics and circuitry, unfortunately all of my knowledge is from my university courses. Which as I have so quickly learned, is very little when venturing into the real world. I say this so that if I have overlooked some major flaw in this design you understand why :D.
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    No feedback resistor?

    Look at page 15 in the document linked to by t06afre
    Start there and make simple summingresistors for each stage.
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    Yeah, there is a feedback resistor, as I mentioned in the post I just forgot it in the diagram, it will be a 3.3K.

    I'll look into the circuit on page 15, thanks.