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Hey Everyone

You seem like a smart group! I hope somone knows the problem. Just so you know i know nothing about the inner workings of electronics. thats why I'm here.

My Problem

I've got a Sony Wega, and my brother gave it to me after he used it for a couple years. this was a week after my older TV slowly withered away. The very day my brother gave me the Wega, it died as well. Now I think thats too much of a coincidence.
Well... i wont say my Wega died, but its not working thats for sure.
All i can tell you is that when i press the power button, it turns on and immediately turns off. (meaning you hear that high pitched start up noise, then the soft clunk of the turn off noise.) Then the red light beside the power button continues to flash.

can anyone tell me whats wrong, what i can do to fix it if its easy... or how much it might cost if i need to get it proffessionally fixed.



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I've got a (very very old) CRT TV that requires you to press the channel up button after pressing the power button for it to fully turn on. It crackles briefly up, but doesn't display anything. Not that its on the wrong channel, but it's not on a channel. It's just not turned on fully. Then, if you press the channel up button on the front of it, it turns on fully.

I dunno if maybe that's all you need to do with your TV? Another button you need to press after the power button that your brother neglected to tell you about? But if it's a new model TV, I imagine that's unlikely.

Other than that, I'm all out of ideas. Probably broken :)



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Quite possibly a power supply problem. It seems it tries to start but fails. Switching power supplies fail *a lot* and it is often due to an electrolytic capacitor failing and often that leads to other components being damaged.

My recommendation is that you not mess with a CRT TV unless you know what you are doing very well as there are very high voltages present.

The problem could be very simple to repair or very complicated and it is impossible to give you any estimate. If you are very unlucky there could be an IC which you cannot find and a successful repair might mean modifying the circuit which even a repair shop will not do as it is not worth their time.


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Check the Flashes of the LED. Many modern sets flash an error code.... i.e. 2 flashes, pause then 5 flashes.... pause...repeat. Not being a Sony agent, I'm not sure of what code is what, but it may be helpfull if you find someone with the service manual.
In my experiance, most of these type of faults are either Line Output or Frame output stage faults, and the High pitched noise may be a good indication of a short....probably in the LOP stage/LOP transistor etc.


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I am yet to hear of a Sony Wega breaking down in that fashion. Also, 2 TV sets breaking down one after another is more than a coincidence. I think the power supply should come into scrutiny. You havent mentioned as to whether you are using any voltage stabilizer or not.

I would'nt recomment self troubleshooting. Better leave that to a service agent.

In any case, before trying to hook up the repaired/new TV to the same mains connection again, better get it inspected as well.

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yeah, we dont plug things into that outlet anymore.

thanks for all your help!
i'll be sure to use this to sound smart when talking to a repair man. haha

thanks again