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Discussion in 'Wireless & RF Design' started by steelydev, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Feb 24, 2011
    Here's a good brain-teaser. I live in a fringe area (zip code 94650) and have a Winegard 7082P antenna with a AP-8700 amp. There's about 3' of R6QS between the antenna and amp then more R6QS down to the power injector in my basement. Up on the roof there's also an Engenius 2116P (WiFi router acting as a backhaul from my Aunt's house) with a single cat 5 ethernet cable coming out of it. The TV antenna is pointed at magnetic 20 and the 2116P is pointed at magnetic 300.

    Both the antenna downfeed and the cat 5 cable run vertically 20' from my attic to my basement in 1 1/2" PVC conduit.

    I get no TV signal on channels 2 and 7 if the 2116P is turned on but with the 2116P turned off they do come in. So I figured I would re-route the cat 5.

    But with the cat 5 pulled out of the conduit, I could not get channels 2 and 7. So I dropped the cat 5 back in and could get 2 and 7 again with the 2116P powered down.

    Any ideas on how I might get both TV and WiFi at the same time?
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    Move the antennas apart. You are using good coax, so it sounds like you have a EMI (interferance) problem. If this is the case distance is the key.

    Is the antenna 75Ω? You didn't mention. If not, if it is designed for 300 twin lead you need a impedance matching transformer to convert to the RJ6.