Tutorial: How to Use A Chip Vendor Op-Amp Model in Ltspice

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I wrote an "Instructable" tutorial sharing what I have learned about op-amp modeling of the LMV321 op-amp. I show how to incorporate three different LMV321 models from three vendors: National Semiconductor (TI), STMicroelectronics, and Maxim. Each vendor op-amp model demonstrates a different variant on how to link a 6-pin op-amp model into LTspice.

I use to circuits to test the models:
  • Amplifier
  • Current to Voltage Converter
I show some special options to speed up simulation.
I compare the behavior of the three models to show that the Maxim model has a problem with Current to Voltage Converter behavior.
All LTspice symbols, circuits, and models used in the tutorial are available for download in the reference section at the end.

How to Use A Chip Vendor Op-Amp Model in Ltspice



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"Step 3: Link the LMV321 Model Connections to the Opamp2.asy Pin TabLe Using .SUBCKT Information"

What is link? I never heard that word associated with spice models.

This should read:

Step 3: Verify the Opamp2.asy symbol Pin order matches the LMV321 .SUBCKT pin connection Information.