Turning on/off LED with 555 and thermistor circuit

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    Using the thermistor characterized in the data sheet, and a 555 integrated circuit as a threshold detector, design a circuit to light an LED when the tempreature exceeds 80°C. Draw a circuit diagram with component values marked on it. Estimate the temperature at which the LED would turn off (correct answer attached).

    Now what I want to know is:

    *How do you know that the supply rail = 9V?

    *How do you calculate R = 8K?

    I know that you are suppose to use Vout = V.Rth / Rth + R but only knew that Rth ≈ 3.8k when the temperature = 80°C.
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    Nov 25, 2009
    Do you want the LED to flash above 80oC or to stay lit?
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    Well for example if we assume this circuit:


    And we find in datasheet that supply voltage for 555 must be in the range 4.5V to 16V.
    So to to light an LED when the temperature exceeds 80°C
    Voltage on pin 2 (trigger node) must be lower then 1/3 of the supply voltage.
    Rth for 80°C is equal 3.8KΩ so to get 1/3 voltage on pin 2 R1 mus be large then R2 > V1/Vth = R1/Rth = 2/3/1/3 = 2*Rth (if voltage on Rth is equal 1/3 the voltage on R1 mus be 2/3 of a supply voltages).
    Or with voltage divider equation
    Vout = Rth / ( R1 + Rth ) * Vcc ---> R1 = (Rth* Vcc - Rth* Vout)/Vout= ( Vcc/Vout - 1) *Rth = (1/0.333 - 1 )*Rth = 2*Rth
    So your digram is not quite right.

    And real working circuit should look something like this
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    Is the answer you posted your attempt at the answer, or is it the actual answer as given by the person or book that posed the problem?
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    To say lit.

    Its the actual answer given.