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    I am about to build one myself, as a total n00b of course. Just waiting for the package with the ready built pcb board. I thought to myself that I could use normal stick-it-in-the-wall type of adapters, at least for the 6v transformers. The tranformers you looked at were really expensive.

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    When you post into an ongoing thread, it get s confusing to know what reply is to whom. Please don't hijack - start your own thread.

    This is the previous thread -

    You might want to do some reading on vacuum tube theory. Plate voltage is more in the 150 - 250 volt range. Not only are the plate transformers pricey, so are the tubes and their sockets.
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    Yes, but the thing is we are both after the same stuff. He wants tranformers for the "$20 Chinese AC 180V-0-180V 2*AC 6V 30W preamp DIY kit", I want transformers for the "$20 Chinese AC 180V-0-180V 2*AC 6V 30W preamp DIY kit". I will continue hijacking until I get some answers.

    I don't really need to know much more about tubes than I already know (nothing). All I need are these silly transformers. Transformers that noone can offer me, for any sum of money. The best advice I have got from a store is to build one myself. Thanks a lot!

    This is what I have to go on: "AC 180V-0-180V 2*AC 6V 30W". I live in Sweden/Norway so I get 230V from the wall (not 115V, as some freaks do).

    Primary: 180V-0-180V (or 190V-0-190V)
    Secondary 1: AC 6.3V 30W
    Secondary 2: AC 6.3V 30W

    I actually found one trafo locally produced in Sweden, the Lundahl transformer, but they only had 250V-0-250V, which is too high. The Lundahl LL1683 had two secondary 6.3V in the same unit AND a great reputation. Too bad...

    Any suggestions, other than wiki-guides?

    I have a suggestion for myself:
    "PT02 - 190-0-190V power transformer
    Dual 120V/240V primaries, 2A heater supply; ideal for preamps and amps up to 7W output."

    BUT. It only has 7W output. I seem to be needing 30W. Next...
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