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Hi all. First Post! Does anyone know where I can find a comprehensive TTL Cook Book (Particularly interested in a chip called 555 Timer and I want to understand its capabilities)? Also looking for any workbench software (not sure exactly what it's called but allows you to design and simulate circuits with some built-in chips too). I bought a breadboard that came with a free disk with this software but I lost it. I like to gain practical insight while I study, which is also why I joined this forum, but my breadboard and the components I have have limitations when it comes to some topics. Thanks in advance.


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I had the TTL Cookbook in my possession that is probably 30 years old. :)

Sadly it has gone missing. :( Hopefully it is around here somewhere.

My TV Typewriter Cookbook is still here.


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The circuit simulation software commonly used on these sites is LTspice which is free from Linear Technology. There is a fairly steep learning curve but it is worth the effort to learn if you want to study electronic circuits. It's a lot easier and faster to simulate circuits then to breadboard them. And you will have a greater assurance that the circuit will work if you do build it.

There is an Electronics Workbench circuit simulator that can be purchased from National Instruments, which is a good simulator but it's a bit pricey for home use unless you qualify for the student version.


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I know the EDUCYPEDIA site is not as stable as the AAC, but it seems to be working again.

Thanks, your are right.
I tried many times, but I can't connect to, and then I just tried again, I can visit the site.
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