ttl and cmos

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can someone please help me in identifying the difference between ttl and cmos. e.g the speeds of operation,power consumption,noise immunity,threshold level.etc:mad :(.I WASSNT GIVEN ANY SPECIFIC TYPE OF TTL OR CMOS TO COMPARE I WAS ASKED TO COMPARE THEM IN GENERAL


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Google is your friend. Use it to find data sheets. You may not be aware of it, but there are multiple families of logic that fall under "TTL" and it's like that for "CMOS". That means that the figures for an SN7408N TTL AND gate will be different for, say, a 74LS08 or a 78F08, which are also TTL but not compatible with "original" TTL. And the figures for a CD4081 AND gate won't be the same as those for a 74HCT08, nominally a TTL pinout device made with CMOS technology - but very significantly different from the CD4081 CMOS gate.