Trying to open a communication with a FTDI device

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I have already installed the FTDI's CDM drivers to open the communication with the device, however, it is not detected when trying to measure data by means of the corresponding software. I see the following statement as 'information' in the events tab of my Port settings: "The device FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6001+FTYZZGGIA\0000 requires more installation". What does it mean? Could be the problem?The 'General' tab in the USB serial port properties says the device is working properly.

Many thanks! Any information would be much appreciated.

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If it in not a genuine FTDI part, it may be bricked. FTDI some time ago released drivers that would brick the fake parts there by punishing the people who purchased parts in good faith and not the counterfeiters. This I believe has back fired on FTDI as many people have vowed to never use their parts again.
Saying all that, it may not be the problem. Try to delete the driver completely and see if it will reinstall.