Trying to identify this SMD IC, some kind of DC/DC converter voltage detect IC maybe.

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Hi guys,
I am trying to identify this SMD IC (U8 in the photo). I think its some kind of dc/dc converter, voltage detect IC.

The markings on the IC are:
I think the ‘PF36’ is the important bit. I was able to find similar kind of ICs with PF36 but nothing which really matched to the package type or the marking.

The dimensions of the package is:
3mm x 3mm
There are total of 10 pins (5 on each side) plus the ground on the bottom it does peak out from the sides as well.
What is this package type?
I have this faulty unit which does not power up. It has got a ‘soft power switch’. It gets stuck half way during power up sequence. Trying to troubleshoot this section of the circuit. I have included a picture of this section which I have started to trace, maybe it might be of help.

Thanks in advance for the help