Trying to get started in microcontrollers

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I have been interested in mircocontrollers for a while. I am trying to get started learning and would like to eventually do the following project. I want to build a cruise control for my boat. I have some knowledge of computer programing and have read a little about microcontrollers. I found a gps receiver module to get to input the boats speed and i am going to use a large servo for the throttle. is this to big of a feat for a beginner? and what would be a good microcontroller for a beginner?

I'm not sure a GPS is the best way to get speed data. In any case, I would think it is do-able if you're willing to put in the work to learn.

Start with arduino for learning


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You forgot the really HUGE servo for the rudder so you go straight. And the thing to automatically drop bumpers off your bow so the other boats out there don't scratch your gelcoat.