trying to build a wireless long range camera and monitor system

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Hello all
I am new to this forum and please forgive my general lack of knowledge. My experience is 20 yrs old and things have changed ! I am a quick study though and am seeking expert advice on a build
I want to build a target camera system for a shooting range
I want to use a simple camcorder camera and a wireless transmitter and receiver powered by a 12 v rechargeable battery
I am shooting for 1000 yard line of sight transmission and receiving. There are after market systems but I know they do not cost nearly 700 dollars to build !

This seems to fit the transmission and receiving requirement , however I cant hard wire the reciever to a monitor , I would like to connect a tablet wirelessl to the receiver to view the feed. Any suggestions ?


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As Sensacell says above, use a WiFi camera.
You can get some WiFi cameras for under $50. For example....

A 12V to 5V switch mode regulator will be needed.

Also, a solar panel and charge controller.
Get a camera that can take an external antenna to increase the range. Then you need to set the IP address of the camera manually, and have your laptop on the same address range. Then log in to the camera over the WiFi and you should be right to go.


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So I am guessing a $2,500 long range spotting scope is out of the question? :)

Seriously I would take the route suggested by Sensacell and Dendad. The nice part of a 1,000 yard range is the terrain is flat. Use a good quality camera focused on the target and situated in a way making it just about impossible to hit. Cameras on targets tend to be like a chronograph and end up stopping a bullet. Place the external antenna as high as possible. The entire affair can be made portable easy enough. Anyway, I would take the suggested WiFi route.



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Use a good quality camera focused on the target and situated in a way making it just about impossible to hit.
Personal observation from my experience on the shooting range: I've seen ricochet come back to the lockers behind the shooters. This was on a 50 foot range. On a 1,000 foot range you don't need to worry about ricochet's coming back at you. However, if you're placing your camera within close range to the target you need to consider the possibility of your camera getting hit by a bounce or fragmentation.


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It seems like a good application for a ham radio style ATV link. Lots of published circuits and also kits for sale. For circuits check out the site "SCHEMATICS for FREE" and I think it will be under the video category. The tricky part will be the antenna to get adequate range with the power you can legally use if you do not have a ham license.