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So I finished my trunk display for my car, custom subs boxes and suede lining, pretty pleased. I'm in the midst of doing the lighting now, I've wired a harness straight from the battery with a relay triggered from the ignition.

I ordered a few Osram 1 amp 1.5 Vf LED chips, I plan on having about 4 of them to light up the entire trunk (they're very bright)

I've never done much for LEDs before, but I understand that I'll need a current regulator to control the brightness. If I have 4 in series, will the last 7.5v (13.5v-(4ledsx1.5Vf)) be given off as heat in the current regulator, or will I need a voltage regulator as well?


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Depends. A linear regulator burns off the excess, a switching regulator only loses 10 to 20% as heat. You can look up "Buck Puck" or examine for a switch mode constant current LED driver.


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Thanks, I was researching the buck pucks, and I see they have 7 pins. I also read that the red/black are obviously power/ground, the blue/white are LED +/-, and the yellow/grey are control pins for pwm or strobe sources or w/e you might be using.

Thats still only 6 pins, and on this picture I see no color coding..?



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