Troubleshooting EMG Circuit

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Hello all,

For about a month or two now I have been researching various EMG circuits trying to learn what parts were essential for a basic circuit. After I thought I had a pretty good about what I needed to do I sat down and came up with this circuit. I assembled the circuit on a breadboard with a separate dual 5 volt supply on a different breadboard. When I connect it to the analog input of my arduino uno the values are just random, from what I can tell it's all noise. I cannot figure out whats wrong with the circuit, I've tried several things with no success. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.




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What the heck is an EMG? Do you think that we can read your mind? Some of us can, but at this distance, it is pretty dicey.


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Because this is a small signal, the wiring is critical to proper operation. The wires must be short and a star grounding system has to be used.

A picture of how you have wired your circuits would help us help you better.

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I have attached the schematic in my original post. Here are pictures of the actual circuit, I have switched to the Arduino Nano just to make everything more compact.
IMAG0759.jpg IMAG0760.jpg IMAG0761.jpg


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EMG signals are down at microvolt levels.

You cannot expect to get this kind of low noise performance from a sketchy pile of solderless bread boards.
With RF and microvolt signals, the layout and construction becomes critical to circuit function.

This is where electronics becomes an art, no longer just a connect-the-parts exercise.