Troubleshooting an xbox 360 power supply.

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    I purchased an xbox 360 power brick to use as high current 12v power supply to use as a bench power supply. I cut the end off the wire so I could access the individual wires and after reading on the internet I tried the red and blue wire to turn it on.

    There is an LED built into it which is orange when the red and blue wires and not tired together, and it turns green when they are tied together, and the yellow and black wires give me 11.77v which seems a little low.

    If I connect the wires to a 12v travel cooler which uses peltier elements and a fan, the voltage drops to nearly 0 volts.

    Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this behavior? When I bought it I figured if it didn't work, it would probably be electrolytic capacitors, but I do get 11.77v with no load, so i'm not sure that could still be the case. I took the cover off the power supply and there are a ton of heat sinks and heat sink grease covering 70% of the power supply so I can't tell if any capacitors are bulging or leaking yet, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what could cause a power supply to output the right voltage, but drop to 0 when connected to a load.

    The sticker on the power supply says it's rated for over 16 amps, and the travel cooler sticker says it uses 4 amps, so the power brick shouldn't even break a sweat.
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