Trouble making sense of datasheet for full bridge MOSFET driver

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    Nov 25, 2010
    Hello I am using the HIP4080A chip in order to implement a class D amplifier design. According to the datasheet "The HIP4080A includes an input comparator, used to facilitate the "hysteresis" and PWM modes of operation". I was led to believe that the audio signal and triangle wave required to generate PWM could be directly connected to the In(+) and In (-) pins of the chip directly and the input comparator was analogue. Though looking at p.4 of the datasheet it states:"Logic I/O Voltages: -0.3V to VDD +0.3V" though it doesn't refer to the comparator. What I want to know is whether the input comparator to this chip is analogue or is in fact digital. I don't know why datasheets don't make things like this clear, I presented the datasheet to my project supervisor and he couldn't work it out either.
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    Mar 14, 2008
    My understanding from reading the data sheet is that the comparator is analog (look at the pin descriptions on page 7). You should be able to use it for the audio signal and triangle wave inputs to generate a PWM.

    I believe the "hysteresis" mode of operation they mention is more often referred to as the "hysteretic" mode.