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Please help me figure out the life of my new trolling motor battery. I wish to run a 12v electric trolling motor, which pulls 20 amps of current on full power. I just bought a 12v deep cycle lead/acid battery from NAPA, rated with a reserve capacity of 130 mins. Amp hours are not specified. The only other specs listed are cold cranking amps at 0F= 500. Cranking amps at 32F=625. Test Load Amps= 263 amps. How long will my battery last (best scenerio) for this trolling motor if run at full power? THANKS!


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Note that temperature will also have an effect on battery performance. Reserve Capacity is typically measured at around 27°C (80°F). That's the battery temperature, not the air temperature. A cold battery won't work as well, so fishing on those cold mornings might not last as long as fishing on those warm evenings.

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