Trobleshooting IR transmission-reception

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I've developed an IR based,8051controoled robot.. but of late it sometimes has been showing an erronious behaviour... sometimes on giving move back command or any other it follows some other command.. sometimes works perfectly.. why is this so ..plzz help me out


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This is at best an extremely vague description. In order for an intelligent solution, you must provide schematics, code, and maybe a picture of the robot.



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Aside from making sure the lense on the emitter and detector are clean and that there might be degradation in either we would need more information. I'm also assuming when you started out that you took measurements in some situation that you knew the results. For example you set it x ft. in front of a white wall and measured the results. At least something to compare against. You have to isolate the emitter/detector circuit from the computer part so you know which is causing the problem.

Without knowing more my vote would be the emitter is degraded. You could eliminate the detector as being the problem if you have another detector and have it pretty much in the same path as the other detector and see if they give the same output.

It's all about troubleshooting sections and troubleshooting the easiest things to check first.

Seeing that the software should not have changed, I assume, the bahavior is due to incorrect readings being fed to the controller. Also assuming it's in the same sort of room. Remember IR doesn't do too well with black.