Tripping breaker on gearbox motor.

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New installation on a motor that runs a gear box. It is a 480 v about 2 hp motor. I suspect the inertia needed to overcome the gearbox is tripping the breaker. How can I confirm my theory on why it is tripping? How do I engineer the correct motor for the gearbox? The breaker is set at 1.4 amps to match FLC on the motor.


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Breaker is set too low?

1 Hp=746 watts 2hp =1492 watts

At 480 v with a perfect efficiency no loss motor and power factor of 1

P=ExI or 1492/480=3.1Amps
with Eff and PF P=ExIxEFFxPF or I=P/(ExEFFxPF)
since eff and pf are always less than 1, a smaller number in the denominator with give a larger result. ie more current

Is the motor 3 phase?
What is on the nameplate?
Any capacitors?
what is your location, continent wise.
FLC =the current in amps required to run a motor at it’s full capacity.

1.4 amps at 480 =672 watts= 0.9HP. Starting current with be larger.

What is the rating of your gearbox and what is it driving?
Have you disconnected your gearbox output and measured the current draw?


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The motor will draw 4-6 times its fla for a short time during startup.
You will have to find a way to time delay the tripping of your breaker or go with a different method of protection.
A google search for electric motor protection should yeild some good info.