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Hopefully I can explain this well enough. I want to make electronic trip wires, best description I can think off. Basically I want to make a small box that I can mount to a tree/ground/etc and run a trip wire across a path with one end of the trip wire attached to the box that has either a switch or pin it is attached too-the wire, and the other end of the wire attached to whatever. So when someone walks thru the trip wire it pulls out a pin or flips a switch which turn the “box/sensor” on and it send a signal to a small control box where it makes a red light flash after its been tripped/activate. I would have say four of the sensors and whatever one, or all, are activated/tripped it flashes that warning light. I drew a crappy pic, did it in paint so I had limitations. if sensor one is tripped/activated it flashes the light on the control panel so I know it was sensor one and then can tell where someone tripped it, so if two are tripped, say sensor 1 and 2, only those two lights flash. It has to all be wireless and somewhat small, with a signal range of probably 75 feet etc. Basically a sophisticated “trip flare”. I have extensive knowledge in electronics, I am a mechanic, just not in these type of electronic areas. Any one help? If anyone has a idea a schematic would also help big time, like I said I have experience just not in what I need help with. Thanks!!!


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Use a spring clothes pin with thumbtacks pressed into the jaws so they come in contact with each other. Attach wired to the thumbtacks. Use a piece of plastic to inpulate the thumbtacks, with the tripwire tied to the plastic strip.


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"clothes pins with thumbtacks"? I see I am not alone in my sullied youth activities.
Ryan that is exactly what I was going to suggest. However instead of making a sophisticated wireless reciever and transmitter how about just have 4 super bright LEDs give you a visual (binary) code that you can view from 75 feet. I assume this is for Paintball or something simiar?