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    Aug 28, 2013
    I just got a trimmer capacitor to include in a tank circuit as a part of a transmitter, it's ~3-33pF. Before I begin tuning I wanted to confirm the limits of how many times I can turn it in each direction. Consulting the data sheet from Vishay, it says:

    Maximum 10 cycles: Rotation in 180° only (the
    electrical and mechanical performance is not guaranteed if rotated beyond 10 cycles)

    What constitutes a "cycle" in terms of distance or angle of rotation, and what is meant by rotation "in" 180 degrees? Any help/previous experiences would be appreciated.

    The link for the data sheet:

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    This is only a guess, but the word "cycle" properly refers to a complete cycle (back to the start).

    If max rotation is 180' then a "cycle" would likely be left->right->left again (total 360' moved).

    So if there is a wear issue it occurs after 3600 degrees of movement.
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